FOI Request - Electric Vehicle Information

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1. What is the council's long-term EV strategy?

2. How many electric vehicle charging points have the council
installed in the local authority? Including a split of slow, fast and rapid.

3. How many do the council plan to install over the next 12 months and financial year 2023/24? Including slow and fast charging points.

4. Will the council tender for charging points in point 3? If Yes,
when? and which framework. And what funding will be available?

5. Are you receiving grant funding for electric vehicle infrastructure from the central government?

6. If yes, please confirm if this is via the On-street Residential
Charging Scheme (ORCS) or LEVI funding.

7. How much will the council spend on installing electric vehicle charging points (as GBP and as a percentage of the overall 2023/24/25 budget)?

8. Who is in charge of leading the electric vehicle charging projects, their department and contact information?

9. Does the authority allow drilling in lamp columns to accommodate the installation of electric vehicle charging points?

10.What execution issues have been faced in implementing your current EV strategy, if any?

Response 04-05-2023

1. The information requested can be found here:

2. 28, comprising slow: 0  fast:  17  rapid: 11

3. To be decided.

4. Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Fund (EVIF) framework. Funding level to be confirmed.

5. EVIF funding is provided by the Scottish Government.

6. EVIF.

7. To be decided.

8. This information can be found on page 40 of the document linked in response to your question 1

9. No.

10. None identified. Information that is not held falls under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Information not held.

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