FOI Request - Play Parks

Request 101003286292

1.  A list of all play parks in your authority

2.  What repair/maintenance and renewal works have been carried out at each of these play parks since 6 May 2021 (if none, please state)

3.  The financial cost of each of these works programmes since 6 May 2021

4.  The value of ring fenced funding received from the Scottish Government earmarked for play parks since 6 May 2021

Response 21-04-2023

1. The response to this question can be found here.

2. We do not hold records of individual maintenance works. Information that is not held falls under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Information not held. 

The Open Space team employs two Register of Play Inspectors International RPII Operational Inspectors (Play Fitters) who carry out a monthly inspection at each play area. The detailed inspection entails checking of the operation and stability of the equipment. Checks are made on the equipment’s ground clearances, surfacing finishes, exposed foundations, sharp edges, missing parts, wear (of moving parts), structural integrity and overall condition.
Routine maintenance works are usually carried out at the time of inspection. Larger or more complex repairs are programmed for when resources and time allows.

Rothes play park, Rothes (2021/22) – completed (project value £163k - £50k funded from the council’s capital programme / remainder community funded)
Logie play park, Cullen (2022/23) – due to commence March 2023 but delayed due to weather / ground conditions (project value £70k; £70k capital and £4k community funded)
Morven play park, Findochty (2022/23) – completed Feb 2023 (project value £70k capital)
Hopeman Zipwire renewal (2022/23) £14,525
Surfacing Lossiemouth Playing Field and Ferrier Terrace (£8,900)

3. Renewals – as above.
Routine Maintenance – approach outlined at Q2.

4. £92 000 (2021/22)
£94 000 (2022/23)

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