FOI Request - Allotment Waiting Lists and Times

Request 101003200131 

1) Please tell me how many people are currently on a waiting list for an allotment site managed by your local authority at the date of this FoI (12th December 2022)

2) Please tell me how many people were on the waiting list a year ago (12th December 2021)

3) In addition, for each of the 10 individuals most recently awarded a plot (at the time of this FoI), please state:

a) The number of days that elapsed between first contact with the council (i.e. submitting an application) and receiving their plot
b) The average waiting time (in days) of those ten applicants

Response 18-01-2023

1. 28 on the waiting list

2. 13 on the waiting  list

3a) Moray Council does not currently manage any allotment sites directly.  (We are currently working with Elgin Allotments Association to provide a site in Elgin). The earliest date on the waiting list is 28/8/18.  The waiting list reached 10 on 12/7/21 and  15 on 17/1/22

b) 1439 (three of the names on the list in 2018 have no application date recorded, so I have calculated these as 1/9/18 for this exercise)

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