FOI Request - Free School Meals

Request 101003104004

1. What is the current age children are entitled to receive free school meals?

2. Does the Local Authority participate in the food for life award, and if so at what level?

3. Does the Local Authority ringfence funding for school meals and if so, what is the amount per meal/pupil?

4. Does the Local authority have a flexible approach to pupils in need of free school meals?

Response 15-07-2022

1. Universal free school meals P1-5 free school meals through benefits P1-S6

2. Bronze award

3. No, the funding for free school meals is not ring fenced and it comes in as part of our General Revenue Grant.  All pupils who are eligible for a free school meal are provided with one.

4.  We follow the government guidelines on eligibility for free school meals -

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