FOI Request - Road/Pavement Maintenance Costs

Request 101003103370

Re: B9011 Findhorn
1. Would you please advise on the financial costs of maintaining the B9011 road and adjacent pavements in Findhorn village?
2. Would you also please advise on the sources of funding for such costs and if it is possible to isolate a specific level of contribution from heavy vehicle commercial road users.

Response 11-07-2022

1. The cost of repairing defects to the carriageways and footways on Main Road, Findhorn in 2021/22 was £1285.
Note:  maintaining a road includes several other aspects such as carrying out safety inspections, cleaning drains, providing winter maintenance, operating street lighting etc none of which have costs that can be identified on an individual street basis.

2. The Road Maintenance budget is part of the Council’s overall Capital and Revenue budget.  There is no contribution from heavy vehicle commercial road users.

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