FOI Request -Generation Z in the Library

Request 101003100675

1a). Do you have a children’s librarian?
  b).  If you do not have a children’s librarian, when was one last in place? Please provide year.

2a).  How many borrowers born between 1997-2012 do you have?
  b).  How many of these borrowers were active in the past (financial) year?

3. What do you categorise ages 10-12, Teenage, and 20-25 as?

4. What is your annual budget for borrowers in this (1997-2012) age range(10-12, Teenage, 20-25)? Please provide a breakdown for each category age range.

5. How many books do you have in stock for each of these age categories (10-12, Teenage, 20-25)?  

6a). How do you choose stock for these age categories? Is it primary through requests, best sellers/ top 10s, etc.

b). How quickly does it take for someone to place a reservation on a ‘no trace’ (non-stock) book, and for that book to be purchased and delivered to the borrower? Please answer in days.

7a). Do you have a New Adult category?

b). Is this a category that your library service wants to explore more?

8. Do you work with school libraries with the 10-12 and teenage age range? eg, literature activities and sharing stock, etc.

9. Do you have author visits for these three age categories? If so, how often do they happen?

10. What were your top 10 most borrowed books for 10-12, teenage, and 20-25 categories for the past 5 financial years?

11. What activities do you provide for children under 10?

12 a)  What clubs/ activities do you provide for the 10-12, teenage, and 20-25 age range?

b). What clubs did you offer before covid procedures were put into place that you no longer offer, and why do you no longer offer them?

13. Have you noticed an increase or decrease in these age ranges being active in the library since covid procedures were put into place?

14. How many books were borrowed within these age ranges in the past 5 financial years?
a). Physical
b). Electronic

15. Are you influenced by Booktok (Book influencers on TikTok) or Bookstagram (Books influencers on instagram) in your stock selection and display ideas?  

16. How do you choose ebook and audio titles?

17. Who is your ebook/ audio provider? Eg., Libby.

18. Do you have any plans in the future for development in attracting borrowers aged 10-25?

19. How many libraries do you have?

Response 19-07-2022

The information you requested can be found here.

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