FOI Request - NIS Regulations

Request 101003099202

1. Does the Security of Network & Information Systems Regulations (NIS Regulations) apply to the Council or any part of the Council? (See here for information on the Reg:

2. Has the Council implemented, or is the Council making preparations for, processes, procedures and policies related to NIS Regs?
a. If yes, when were these implemented?
b. If it is a current project, when do you expect it to be completed?
c. If no, why is it not being implemented?

3. Has the Council considered training requirements for NIS Regulations?
a. If yes has training been delivered?
b. If yes when was it last delivered?
c. If yes, but the consideration decided against training, why was this the case?

4. Whom is responsible for the NIS D project/management (a job title and name, or if employee is below the disclosable level just a job title is fine)

Response 20-07-2022

1.  No, the NIS Regulations do not apply to the Council.

2.  N/A

3.  N/A

4.  N/A

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