FOI Request - Council Refurbishments

Request 101003097225

This is an information request relating to refurbishments of the council headquarters.

Please include the following information for the 2021-22 financial year:
1. The total expenditure on refurbishments for the council headquarters
2. A breakdown of this expenditure including
a) Any items purchased, including the name, number and cost, for example sofas, lamps, rugs
b) Any works done, for example, painting, re-carpeting

Refurbishments should include all items of furniture, appliances and fittings within the building. It should also include works such as paint jobs and carpeting

Please only provide me with information on the main council offices. This will likely be your town hall

Response 08-07-2022

Moray Council has not undertaken any internal refurbishment work to its HQ building in financial year 2021/22.

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