FOI Request - Expense & Invoice

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1. What finance system do you use?
2. What system do you use to manage and process your staff’s expenses?
3. What is the expense process?
4. How many expense claims were made in FY21? And what was total value of expense claimed in FY21?
5. Can you submit expenses remotely?
6. How are you claiming VAT on mileage? Do your staff have to deduct commute from mileage?
7. What percentage of expense claims are you auditing?
8. How many FTEs (full time employees) do you have processing expense claims?
9. What is the average time to reimburse your staff’s expenses?
10. How are you reporting on expense spend, PSA expense types and scope 3 emissions reporting?

1. What system do you use for managing/processing invoices?
2. What is your current invoice process for handling supplier invoices, from receipt to when it is posted in the ERP/finance system and ready for payment?
3. How many invoices were processed in FY21?
4. How many FTEs (full time employees) do you have in your accounts payable team who process invoices?
5. What percentage of invoices were paid late in FY21?
6. Do you use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to scan invoices?
7. Do you have to manually validate the scanned invoices from the OCR capture?
8. Do you currently have a PO system or a non-PO system? If you use both types – what is the percentage of PO invoices vs. non-PO invoices?
9. Are you claiming VAT on invoices? If so, are you doing this in-house?
10. How are you currently reporting on invoice spend?

Clarification sought 28-06-2022

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