FOI Request - Cladding

Request 101003094630 

I have been working on a story about potentially dangerous cladding on residential buildings, mainly on tower blocks, and the work that is underway to fix this.

I would like to ask the council the following about the current situation with regards local authority housing stock in your council area, on behalf of the Sunday Post:

1. How many local authority residential buildings in your council area have been identified as having potentially dangerous ACM or HPL cladding on them and are these on hi-rise or low-rise buildings?

2. Can you say how many individual residences in total within these buildings would be affected by this issue?

3. How many local authority residential buildings have been scheduled to have this cladding fixed or removed and when would this work commence and is expected to be completed?

4. How many local authority housing buildings in your council district have had repairs/remediation already completed in respect to concerns over the cladding?

Response 08-07-2022

1.  We have no high rise buildings. With regards to low rise from a review of our available records there are no residential buildings with ACM or HPL cladding.

2.  None

3.  N/A

4.  None

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