FOI Request - Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Request 101003094296

I wish to request the following information please, I would like this information to be from 2018 till the present?

1. How many vacancies are posted for employment within Moray Council filled by Disabled persons?
2. Of those who receive the Disability Confident interview, how many are employed by Moray Council?
3. How many employees of Moray Council (In all locations and departments) are persons with Disabilities?


Response 13-07-2022

1.We can confirm that all posts advertised within the time period were open for candidates with disabilities to apply for.

2. It is not possible to provide this information as it is not mandatory for candidates to advise whether they are disabled, and this is therefore not recorded.


2018 - 36 Disabled Employees
2019 - 37 Disabled Employees
2020 - 34 Disabled Employees
2021 - 35 Disabled Employees
2022 - 38 Disabled Employees

Please note that this information is taken from a report run on 1st May each year.

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