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We are conducting a hydrological assessment at a search area centred at approximately NJ 43917 50409, near Keith. The required search area is shown on the figure attached and a shapefile has been provided of this area for reference.

As part of our assessment, we are interested in any information the council holds regarding the following:

1. Flood Risk Information
a)            Details of any existing and proposed flood defence measures in the area and information regarding the impact of these defences on flood water levels (if applicable);
b)             Any information held on historic flood events in this area, including date, extent of flooding and flood water levels (if available);
c)           Any information on the risk of groundwater flooding and surface water drainage flooding in this area together with records of any historic incidents.

2. Private Water Supplies (PWS)
Could you please provide details of any PWS within or near to the search area, including the source (i.e. groundwater, spring, watercourse) and location of the abstraction (as a grid reference ideally) and the number of properties it supplies, if known.

3. Historic Landfills
Information regarding any historic landfills in the search area. We would be grateful if you could supply us with any information regarding the areas and times of disposal, the nature of disposal and wastes involved.

4. Nearby Proposed Significant Developments Any summary information (e.g. planning application number, development activity) of proposed or recently approved significant developments (i.e. quarries, mines, roads, water treatment works, windfarms, hydropower schemes, etc.) registered within the search area.

Response 07-07-2022

1. For a site area centred at approximately NJ 43917 50409, near Keith, please find attached the Operation & Maintenance Manual for the Newmill Flood Protection Scheme. This scheme is made by a series of ditches and protects houses North of Newmill against surface water run-off.  We have no other records of flooding in the area indicated than the ones in Keith/Newmill (07/06/2014). However, it should be noted that there are areas of both Pluvial and Fluvial flooding risk based on a review of the SEPA flood maps.  More information can be found here: https://map.sepa.org.uk/floodmaps.  We have no information regarding groundwater flooding. This data is available in the SEPA flood maps.

2. Please see the attached list of private water supplies in your search area. If you require further information on individual sources please contact our Private Water Supplies Team via email EHadmin@moray.gov.uk .

Reg 2 (previously Category A) are supplies that are commercial (including private lets), or they supply more than 50 persons. Category B are non-commercial with less than 50 persons.

NOTE: The location data we hold for the private water supplies is not 100% accurate; eastings and northings can be out, but we are currently working on improving these using GPS surveys. Unfortunately, I cannot provide a figure on the accuracy and some sources may just be located in the general area of the property served.

The spreadsheet may contain multiple records for the same source reference, this may be where either multiple source abstractions points are located or there are other private water supply infrastructure located e.g. storage tanks. The location Type indicates the type: A or A1 etc = Source, B or B1 etc = supply infrastructure, U or U1 etc = unused supply infrastructure. Sites marked with "Y" confirmed are for sites where we have visited site and obtained more accurate locations. The list does not include historic private water supplies. The data is provided based on the best information available to the council at the time of writing.

Further private water supply information can be obtained from the link below, along with access to our register of sources.


Disclaimer. Moray Council will not accept any liability for any costs incurred by the recipient or by any third parties arising from or as a result of any inaccuracies in the information provided by us in relation to the location of a particular Private Water Supply. Recipients are asked to note that the information provided  will  be taken from information provided by Private Water Supply Users, the accuracy or otherwise of which may not have been verified by the Council.


Known infilled or raised ground, refuse tips and spoil heaps >1000m2
Our Ref      Name                                   NGR                  Area m2      Date of infilling          Type of waste                                          Notes
SC2665      Gollachy, Buckie                      340987 864387    16438        1970s-80s              No records, probably municipal                      Infilled natural depression
SC1582      Braehead Refuse Heaps, Keith     342531 849132    14106        1960s                    No records                                              Infilled quarry and raised ground
SC6135      Cottage Wood, Keith                341826 850680    12418        Mid-20th Century      Soil, ash, construction waste, domestic refuse      Raised ground
SC2621      Newmill, Keith                        343007 851907      4584       1970s                    No records                                               Raised ground
SC6184      Lintmill                                  351438 865411        4562      Not known              No records, possible sawmill waste                  Raised ground

4. See attached Nearby Proposed Significant Developments. Any summary information (e.g. planning application number, development activity) of proposed or recently approved significant developments (i.e. quarries, mines, roads, water treatment works, windfarms, hydropower schemes, etc.) registered within the search area. The data covers Current decided/undecided valid planning applications, with a valid date of 01/01/2010 or newer, not including withdrawn, the data does not contain Proposal of Application Notice (PAN). It does include refused cases as these can be reviewed or appealed at a later date. The spreadsheet does contain a direct link to the applications on our public access planning site, where applicable, so that further details and the application status can be found. The data also contains field called “Development Type” which may let you filter out applications which do not meet your criteria eg “1. Householder Developments” etc.

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