FOI Request - Housing Waiting List

Request 101003090492

This request relates to the authority's Housing Waiting List

1. How many households were removed from the Housing Waiting List in 2021 (or the last full calendar year where figures are available)?

2. Please provide a list of the reasons given for the removal from the list?

3. How many households were removed from the list because of death?

4. How many households have been on the list for:
(a) between five years and ten years
(b) ten years or more
5. With regards to households that have been on the list the longest, how long have they been on the list?

Response 04-07-2022:

For this response we have assumed you are interested in our overall housing register which includes waiting, transfer and homeless list applicants.  

1. In 2021, there were 1,712 cancelled applications.

2021 Cancelled Applications                                            No.
Cancelled                                                                      834
APPLICANT NO LONGER AT ADDRESS                          317
REHOUSING NO LONGER REQUIRED                            123
MANDATORY DETAILS REQUIRED                                 46
APPLICANT DECEASED                                                 28
DUPLICATE APPLICATION                                            19
NEW APPLICATION FORM REQUIRED                             14
OPERATOR ERROR                                                        12
CHANGE OF TENANCY STATUS                                      8
NOT QUALIFIED FOR HOUSING LIST                               6
TERMINATION OF TENANCY                                          3
HOMELESS APPLICATION WITHDRAWN                          1
APPLICANT IN PRISON                                                  1
NOT HOMELESS/NO LONGER HOMELESS                        1
MUTUAL EXCHANGE COMPLETED                                  1
Cancelled Not Re-registered                                      878
Grand Total                                                          1712

3. 28

4. & 5. The following reflects the position as at 16 June 2022. However,  it is important to note that some applications will not be at an offerable status.  In addition, with the exception of homeless households who are normally rehoused in date order, we operate a needs based allocations policy.  The total number of points on the application determines the position on the housing list at any given time and we do not award any points associated with length of time spent on the list.  An applicant’s circumstances may worsen or improve during the life of their housing application and this means their total number of points may be reassessed and their position can change frequently.  Our policy is available at

4a) 219 of the 3,469 households currently on the housing list have been waiting for between 5 and 10 years.

b)  101 of the 3,469 households currently on the housing list have been waiting for 10 or more years.

5. 46 years but this application is at a non offerable status because they are not presently interested in an offer of housing.  

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