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We are conducting a research paper on the Home to School transport market within local authorities and councils.    The purpose of this report is to take a snapshot in time of how local authorities and councils are managing their Home to School Transportation services and how this compares across the country. When complete, the report will be freely available on the School Transport Management website.  If you would like to be notified when the report is online, please answer Yes/No to the last questions.  

1. Number of students, split by SEN, Mainstream and other
2. Number of daily return routes, split by SEN, Mainstream and other
3. 2022/23 budget (to the nearest £0.5M)
4. 2022/23 over/underspend (to the nearest £0.5M)
5. Do you have an integrated transport unit or does school transport sit alone
6. Do you fully manage your home to school service or do you contract out the management to another company or to operators
7. What transport management software do you use
8. What is the size of your home to school transport team, split by grade structure (ie, 1 x manager, 2 x principal officers, 10 x officers, 1 x compliance officer, etc)
9. In which directorate does home to school transport sit
10. Do you operate a DPS system or do you allocate certain geographical zones to one or more dedicated operator
11. Would you like to receive notification when the report is published

Response 04-07-2022

1. ASN (Additional Support Needs) = 262; Mainstream = 2506

2. ASN= 38; Mainstream = 155

3. £4.5 million.

4. Not held  - Not known at this time. Information that is not held falls under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Information not held.

5. Sits within the Public Transport Unit.

6. Fully managed.

7. Access Database which was internally designed.

8. 1 x Public Transport Officer, 1x Technical Clerk, 1 x Transport Assistant.

9. Environmental and Commercial Services

10. Routes are Tendered every 5 years.

11. No.

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