FOI Request - Indemnity Insurance

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1. Do Moray Council have a current indemnity insurance policy in place?
2. How many policies regarding indemnity insurance does Moray Council have at present?
3. What company does Moray Council hold indemnity insurance with at present?
a) When does this policy expire?
b) What does this policy incorporate?
c) What are the essential features of this policy?
4. Does any indemnity insurance policy held presently by Moray Council cover liability for an act or omission by its employees, in respect of events in 2017/18, under the Human Rights Act 1998?
5. Does Moray Council have a present insurance policy that can indemnify, in respect of litigation and the payment of damages?
a) What is the monetary limit of indemnity in respect of damages in this policy?
6. Does a presently held indemnity insurance policy by Moray Council extend to cover social workers invading someone’s right to family life, in terms of conduct in 2017/18?

Clarification sought 16-06-2022

Response 30-06-2022

1. Yes

2. One – Officials Indemnity.  The Council holds other lines of cover, such as public & employee liability, which may cover the examples in Q4 – 6 depending on the specifics of a claim.

3. Zurich Municipal

a) 31/03/23

b) Please see attached wording extract here

c) Please see attached wording extract here

4. Typical liability (or indemnity) policies would not cover breaches of this nature, however any claim presented to the Council would be sent to the insurers for consideration.

5. Yes

a) £1,000,000

6. See Q4

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