FOI Request - Electric Vehicle Charger Usage

Request 101002678586

Please could you provide the following details in regards to Electric Vehicle Charger usage of which your Local Authority hosts/owns.

For the  the second half of 2019 (1/7/19 - 31/12/19) and separately entirety of 2020 (1/1/20 - 31/12/2020).

Presented in the following manner.
CPS* Number, City/Town, Location, Type, Charging Sessions, Total kWh.

For example:
51247, Stonehaven Station Car Park, Rapid 50Kw,  1480, 16042.263 kWh 51293, Stonehaven Market Square, Fast 7Kw, 749, 4706.44 kWh

Also Total number of Rapid (50kW) and Destination/Fast (7-22kW) chargers the council has to date.

Response 09.02.21

Please see document located here.

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