FOI Request - Trade Union Subscriptions

Request 101002677022

Some employers deduct subscriptions for trade union members directly out of their wages of employees who are trade union members, via the payroll. The employer then gives these payments to the trade union.
Sometimes this arrangement is called the ‘check-off’.

Please advise:

1. Do you have this arrangement in place for any of your workforce?

2. What charge (if any) do you make to trade unions for collecting subscriptions on their behalf?

3. What plans (if any) do you have to review your arrangements for collecting subscriptions? Do any such plans including charging trade unions for this service? Alternatively, do they include ending the arrangement altogether and leaving the trade unions to collect their own subscriptions?

Response 05.02.21

1. Yes

2. 2.5% of deductions

3. No plans in place to review this

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