FOI Request - Cycle Training in Schools

Request 101002625998

1. How many primary schools does your local authority administer?
2. How many schools have ‘loan bikes’ available for those children who do not have access to a suitable bike for training on?
3. How many primary schools run by your local authority offered pupils the opportunity to take cycle training Bikeability (a) Level 1, (b) Level 2 and (c) Level 3 (or any other form or cycle training) for each of the years 2019/20 and 2010/21?

If it is helpful, please complete the table below:

[provided with request]

4. In addition, what plans does your local authority have to extend the availability of cycling training to school pupils?

Response 19-11-20

1. 45
2. 12
3. 2019/20 (Level 1)  17; (Level 2) - 23; (Level 3) - 0
   2020/21 - None so far this session due to Covid 

4. No plans

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