FOI Request - Working Days Lost

Request 101002622491

How many sickness days for mental health reasons (including stress, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc.) were taken in the local authority in the academic years (a) 2017/18 (b) 2018/19 (c) 2019/20 and (d) so far in the academic year 2021/21.

Please provide figures for (i) nursery, primary and secondary teachers, (ii) nursery, primary and secondary head and deputy head teachers, (iii) nursery, primary and secondary teaching support staff.

If you are unable to provide a breakdown of the above categories, I would be grateful to receive the relevant figures held by the local authority.

Response 11-02-2021

Absence based on the reasons below - Totals based on sum of days lost against the FTE:

2017/2018 -       Teachers - 1486
                               Depute/Head Teachers - 55
                               Support Staff - 493.28

2018/2019 -       Teachers - 1789.39
                               Depute/Head Teachers - 217.63
                               Support Staff - 755.15

2019/2020  -         Teachers – 2038.57
                               Depute/Head Teachers – 513.14
                               Support Staff – 877.48

In accordance with section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 please be advised that  information for 2020/21 is not held.

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