FOI Request - Data Controller and Section 151 Officer

Request 101002622026

Q1) Who is your Data Controller? May One, remind ‘You’ of Article 14 GDPR requires him/her to provide the identity and contact details of the Data Controller?
Q2) Can ‘You’ also provide the identity of the man/woman acting as the S151 Officer and One, reminds ‘You’ that concealment of information is a criminal offence per s173 Data Protection Act 2018 for which ‘You’ are now being held personally responsible?
Q3) Can the agent replying to this notice please supply a copy of their oath of office?

Response 13.11.20

1. The Data Controller is Moray Council. Details can be found in the Moray Council Privacy Notice which can be found at this page:
2. A Section 151 officer applies only to England & Wales. The Scottish equivalent is a Section 95 officer and in order to be helpful we have given details below:

Name of corporation employee responsible: Mrs Lorraine Paisey
Council Address where they work for post: Moray Council, Headquarters, High Street, Elgin IV30 1BX
& their Email please:
Direct Telephone Number: 01343 563213

3. No oath of office is held. This information is therefore exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Information Not Held. 

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