EIR Request - Housing Developments on Green Belt Land Data

Request 101002618403

I’m looking to request information relating to new housing developments in your local authority which have been built on green belt land in the past 5 years. Please see the ‘P311’ tab in the attached excel document for reference, released by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government earlier this year.

It would be great if you could supply the following data points in excel format:

• LA code and name
• Proportion of the local authority occupied by green belt land
• Total new residential addressed created
• Proportion of new residential addresses that were situated in green belt land

Response 13.11.20

Moray Council does not have designated Green Belt land. The Moray Local Development Plan identifies Countryside Around Towns areas as a transitional area of development control between urban and rural areas, however, these are not the same as Green Belts.

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