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Request 101002618249

1. Could you please provide up to date Names, Job Titles, telephone numbers and email addresses for the following;

Chief Executive
Deputy Chief Executive
Chief Information Officer
Chief Digital Officer
Senior Information Risk Owner
Director of IT / ICT / IM&T / Digital / Information / Technology
Director / Head of Finance
Chief / Deputy Operating Officer
Head of Cyber Security
Department Directors / Heads

2. In addition if you have an up to date 2020 senior staff organisation or structure chart could you please forward a copy to me in either Excel or pdf format.

Response 12.11.20

As we do not have all the job titles mentioned in the request, we have provided the information for the Chief Executive down to Heads of Service, broken down by department.

Staff organisation chart is available here.

Job Title              Post Holder             Telephone Number     Email Address
Chief Executive     Roderick Burns         01343 563001    

Economy, Environment & Finance
Job Title                                                  Post Holder              Telephone Number      Email Addres
Depute Chief Executive                                 Rhona Gunn               01343 563152    
Head of Economic Growth & Development         James Grant                01343 563262    
Head of Environmental & Commercial Services   Stephen Cooper           01343 563777    
Chief Financial Officer                                  Lorraine Paisey            01343 563213    
Head of Housing & Property Services              Moray Macleod           01343 563727    

Education, Communities & Organisational Development
Job Title                                                  Post Holder              Telephone Number      Email Address

Depute Chief Executive                                  Denise Whitworth       01343 563060    
Head of Education                                       Vivienne Cross           01343 563094    
Head of Education Resources & Communities      Joanna Shirriffs           01343 563365    
Head of Governance, Strategy & Performance     Alasdair McEachan      01343 563080    
Head of HR, ICT & Organisational Development   Frances Garrow         01343 563065    

Moray Health & Social Care Partnership
Job Title                          Post Holder      Telephone Number          Email Address

Head of Community Care      Jane Mackie      01343 567127         

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