FOI Request - Adult Care in Later Life

Request 101002613765

1.            In 2019, how many people contacted you for information on how to pay for care?

2.            In 2019, how many peoples long term care did you - as the local council - pay for either in:
• In full
• Partially
• Self-funding

3.           Since the outbreak of Coronavirus in the UK in February/March 2020, has the Council done any of the following with reference to adult care? Please select all that apply

• Set up a new hotline / phone number
• Increased the number of social / care workers
• Increased funding received by care homes
• Introduced regular check-ins for shielding adults
• Increased the number of people assigned to support vulnerably adults
• Provided local authority tax relief to care homes
• Made no changes to adult care provision
• Other - _______________________________________

Response 06-11-2020

1. In accordance with section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 we can confirm that this information is not held. 

 In full - 10
Partially - 250
Self-funding - 265

3. Made no changes to adult care provision

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