EIR Request - Decarbonistion Costs

Request 101002600328

Please can you answer the following questions with regard to your council housing stock:
1. What is the current average SAP rating for your housing stock?
2. What targets have you set to achieve net zero carbon, or carbon reductions, within your housing stock? What dates have you set to achieve these targets?
3. Have you developed a definition for what ‘net zero’ will look like in your housing stock? (i.e. X% reduction in carbon emissions, target for average SAP rating etc). Please can you provide details of this.
4. How much do you expect it to cost to achieve your carbon reduction targets for your housing stock? Please provide this number as a total for all of your stock and as an average price per unit.

Response 20-10-2020

1. 64

2. The Council has set a 2030 target date for net zero carbon for all its buildings, including its housing stock.

3. The Council will aim to achieve net zero carbon by installing renewable sources of heating in all its houses.

4. £44m which may be reduced by access to available grants.

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