FOI Request - Facilities Management

Request 101002599043

1.      Lift service and maintenance – Service contract for lift service and maintenance.

Contract profile questionnaire for each type of contract:

1.      Supplier/Provider of the services
2.      Total Annual Spend – The spend should only relate to each of the service contracts listed above.
3.      A description of the services provided under this contract please includes information if other services are included under the same contract.
4.      The number of sites the contract covers
5.      The start date of the contract
6.      The end date of the contract
7.      The duration of the contract, please include information on any extensions period.
8.      Who within the organisation is responsible for each of these contracts? name, Job Title, contact number and email address.

You may have received the same request in the past. The information sent has now expired and I required an update as soon as possible. If all the information besides the contract dates are the same, I am happy to just receive an update on the contract dates.

Response 19-10-2020

1.      Classic Lifts

2.      £29k

3.      Regular service, repairs and maintenance of lifts for the Moray Council.

4.      20 sites

5.      8th September 2017

6.      7th September 2020 the option to extend has been taken the new end date is the 7th September 2022

7.      3 year contract with the option to a 2 year extension

8.      Geoffrey Newell, Senior Building Surveyor, 01343 563720, 

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