FOI Request - Local Authority Search

Request 101002595777

Could you please provide the following information:
1. Your current waiting/turnaround time for a local authority search (also known as local land charges search) enquiry to be completed.
If feasible, we would like a waiting time for each type of search (LLC1, CON29, CON290). If this is not possible, a waiting time for all search types is fine.

2. Data on how many of these searches you completed in these months:
• August 2018
• August 2019
• August 2020
In this instance, we only need one total search figure per month stated (not figures for LLC1, CON29, CON290). If historic data is not available, then a figure just for August 2020 if fine.

Clarification sought 25-09-2020

No clarification received therefore case closed 05-01-2021

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