FOI Request - Changes to Cleaning Regimes for Schools

Request 101002594381

Please send me the following information for both schools and early learning centres in your authority.

1. Total numbers of cleaning staff (FTE) in Sept 2019 and Sept 2020  
2. How many extra cleaning hours have been put in place in order to meet the demands of COVID?
3. How much money has been allocated for extra cleaning supplies and equipment to meet the demands of COVID?
4. How much money allocated for PPE?  
5. How much extra money have you applied for from the government's allocation of extra funding for cleaning?  
6. Is your cleaning service provided by directly employed staff?  
7. If not:  a. who is providing the cleaning service?
            b. what actions are you taking to ensure the service providers are meeting the new guidelines?

Response 12-10-2020

1. Sept 2019: 70.41 FTE @ 36.25 hpw
Sept 2020: 91.3 FTE @36.25 hpw  

2. Schools: 648.5 Hours per week.

3. Extra cleaning supplies and equipment are being purchased as required and there is no specific allocation. Up to the end of September £76,000 has been spent on cleaning materials, equipment and sanitiser.

4. As above purchases are being made as required. Up to the end of September £17,000 has been spent on PPE.

5. We will be claiming the full grant of £371,000.

6. Yes.

7a. N/A.

7b. N/A.

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