FOI Request - Homeless Households

Request 101002594220

1. In meeting your duties to homeless households as per Part VII of the Housing Act 1996 (as amended. by the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017) how many households have you arranged accommodation for outside of your district / borough in the last four quarters (ie from the quarter starting July 1 2019 to the quarter ending June 30 2020)?

2. How many households have you arranged accommodation for in total in the same time period?

3. For both of the above can you breakdown the number of households by those with children and those without?

4. How many notifications of out-of-district placements made by other councils in your district /borough have you received in this time period?

5.  Do you have local authority staff procuring accommodation for you to use in meeting your duties to homeless households (as above) in other parts of the country, and if so, where?

Response 12-10-2020

1. This legislation does not apply in Scotland. In Scotland, the relevant legislation is the Housing (Scotland) Act 1987, as amended. Please note that the below responses relate to temporary accommodation and not permanent accommodation.

In the last 4 quarters we have not arranged any accommodation for households out with our authority.

2. 366


Period Dependent Children Without Dependent Children Grand Total
2019/20 Q2 (Jul to Sep) 27 88 115
2019/20 Q3 (Oct to Dec) 11 69 80
2019/20 Q4 (Jan to Mar) 21 76 97
2020/21 Q1 (Apr to Jun) 17 57 74
Grand Total 76 290 366


4. None

5. No

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