FOI Request - Covid-19: Absent Pupils due to Parental Concerns

Request 101002589279

I am interested in knowing how many school pupils, from Primary 1 to S6, across Moray have not attended classes due to parental / guardian concerns over Covid-19 since August 11, 2020.

I would like to request a numerical breakdown of absent pupils per school, that includes special education units.

Response 02-10-2020

Please find the number and percentage of P1-S6 pupils absent for Covid-19 related reasons for the period 11 Aug. to 18th Sept. 2020 below:

Auth. Abs. - Self Isolation Coronavirus 3709 0.6%
Sickness unable to home lrn Coronavirus 392 0.1%
Attendance - Self Isolation Coronavirus 3550 0.5%
Sickness able to home lrn Coronavirus 305 0.0%
Parent isolating against advice C. virus 1384 0.2%

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