FOI Request - Telecare Enabled Care Marketing

Request - 101002500731

1. Does your council presently provide a Telecare operations centre to monitor your local vulnerable population?  –  YES / NO
IF the answer is YES please reply to the questions below – 1 to 12
IF the answer is NO please reply to questions – 2 and then 12 to 13 ONLY

2. Is the council a member of the TSA &/or UK Telehealth care or other organisations related to telecare?  YES / NO (and if so, which is applicable)?

3. Do you use an external provider for alarm responder/monitoring services? If so, can you please detail: -
• Not applicable as council run
• Name of monitoring centre/ provider with contract start/end date

4. What type of devices are used in the community? If you can name device supplier/manufacturer this would be appreciated. See selection of device type below –
• ADL monitoring
• Data exchange
• Mobile Alarming
• Nurse call
• Telecare IP
• Telecare PSTN
• Telehealth
• Other (not listed)

5. Who was the installer?
• Customer department
• FocusCura
• Secuvita
• Volunteers
• Welthuus
• G4S
• Other (not listed)

6. Could you please indicate which software platform is used in the monitoring centre you use?
• UMO (Verklizan)
• PNC (Tunstall)
• Jontek
• Bosch/TeleAlarm
• Neat
• Azursoft
• Chubb
• Apello
• T2I
• STT- DM8
• Ibernex
• Other (not named) – please give details

7. As regards the above – do you know when the contract end date is &/or when the software platform used will be under review?

8. As regards the above – are you a member of any partner programs – YES / NO / UNSURE

9. Do you know what contract type best describes your current platform software provider?
• Lease contract 3 years
• Lease contract 3 years with optional 4th & 5th Year
• Lease contract 5 years
• Direct Purchase
• Hosted contract 1 year
• Hosted contract 2 years
• Hosted contract 3 years
• Other

10. Have you any concerns about your present service? Some possible common concerns listed below, but please feel free to comment -
• Ability for call handlers to work remotely during this present lock down phase.
• The analogue to digital switch-over and how suppliers can play catch up
• Safety of lone workers
• Service costs/ budget restrictions
• Security of email and chat when discussion client confidential data
• Infrastructure costs – considering move to hosted solution
• Restriction on choice of alarm devices which could be used
• Support and customer service concerns
• Alarm signals – failure rates
• Concerns re moving from platform supplier & reprogramming individual units
• Lack of responder app capability for remote workers
• Ease of use & training new starters
• Device management/ stock control
• Other issues/concerns not listed –

11. What tender framework/ portal does the council use for procurement?

12. Who is the main person(s)/ decision maker (s) or team – who would be responsible for your Telecare monitoring centre - name/title/direct dial number/email?

13. If the council does not operate a monitoring centre – is there a reason for this OR an intention to move to such a system? YES / NO / UNSURE

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