FOI Request - Taxis and Private Hire Cars

Request 101002497125

According to the most recent Transport Scotland Statistics No. 38, 2019 Edition, published on 18 March 2020, Chapter 01 Road Transport Vehicles, Table 1.4 Taxi, private hire cars and drivers licensed by local authority area 2019, Moray Council licensed a total of 203 taxi and private hire cars and 332 drivers.

Please could you advise the total amount spent by Moray Council in Financial Year 2019-20 on:

a] Licence plates for Taxis and Private Hire Cars [including external and internal plates and door stickers]
b] Taxi and Private Hire Car Driver badges

Response 01-09-2020

Cost of badges: £374.50 (total cost of processing including the application: £856 )

Costs for external taxi plates:  £524.80 

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