FOI Request - Visual Privacy in Planning

Request 101002490560

As part of an academic research, I am requesting information on how planning applications for proposed residential developments are assessed in terms of visual privacy( Particularly overlooking of garden spaces). Below is my request.

In your Local Authority,

1. Is 'Separation Distances between buildings' the only method used as a guide to assess visual privacy in the determination of planning applications for proposed residential developments?

2. If the answer to question 1 is no, what other methods are used to assess visual privacy in the determination of planning application for proposed residential developments?

For question 1, can you provided me with a 'Yes' or 'No'.
For question 2, can you provide me with just a list of the methods.

If there are no established guidelines on how visual privacy is accessed, can you also include that in your response.

Response 01/05/2020

1. No.

2. Within the Moray district each proposed development is assessed on its individual merits, against using professional judgement, observations from site visits and any other material considerations.  Although amenity is referenced within adopted local development policy, we have no established guidelines. Other factors taken into account (in addition to separation distances) include cognisance of house design (i.e. whether the elevation in question contains window openings), intervening boundary treatment and any differences in ground levels between the development and affected gardens (which could exacerbate overlooking).   

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