Rights for EEA/EU Citizens in Scotland

The impact of Brexit is all over the news just now and we know that many of the complex details are still being worked out and agreed upon. What we can be sure of is that Brexit will mean a major change in the rights of EEA/EU citizens to live or work in the UK.

A guide has been produced by the Civil Society Brexit Project and Just Right Scotland. This guide contains information about the rights of EEA/EU citizens and their families living in the UK. The guide is a series of factsheets covering:

 Right to reside
 Right to work
 Right to benefits, housing and other forms of social work support
 Right to healthcare
 Right to vote
 Right to education

This guide is intended to help you understand your rights as an EEA/EU citizen in Scotland but it is important to note that it does not constitute legal advice.  

The guide can be found on our website at http://www.moray.gov.uk/downloads/file122565.pdf

The Civil Society Brexit Project runs workshops around EEA/EU citizen rights and can provide expert information or advice on various aspects of Brexit. For more information visit the website at https://hrcscotland.org/brexit/ or email hrcscotland@gmail.com.

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