Equality and Diversity Corporate Advisory Forum

Reports by the Moray Council, the Moray Council Education and Social Care and the Moray Licensing Board for 2015 in respect of the Specific Public Sector Equality Duties can be accessed by going to Equalities - Public Sector Duties.

The Equality and Diversity Corporate Advisory Forum is the Moray Council’s internal advisory body on equal opportunities. It advises the Moray Council’s corporate management team and the communities committee about existing and future laws from the UK Government, the Scottish Government, the European Union and the Council of Europe on matters relating to equal opportunities and human rights.

The Equality and Diversity Corporate Advisory Forum oversees the Moray Council’s compliance with the public sector equality duties. In particular, the forum ensures that

  • Equality Impact Assessments are carried out appropriately and correctly as part of all the Moray Council’s activities. View the Council’s Equality Impact Assessment before 2012.  Read the Equality Impact Assessments Report (PDF) which was carried out during 2013. The Equality Impact Assessments for the Moray Council’s budget for 2013/14 can be found here. The “Brown Principles (PDF)” on due regard, based on case law can be found here.
  • The equality outcomes were published on 30 April 2013. These set the priorities for the Moray Council for the four years from April 2013. Read the full report and a plain English version. Reports on progress against these outcomes will be published quarterly here.
  • The Moray Council published its mainstreaming report on and the outcomes of its equal pay audit on 30 April 2013. Progress reports on mainstreaming will be published annually. The first report will be available in April 2014.
  • When commissioning or procuring services the council must ensure that any contractors appointed are capable of complying with the public sector equality duties, understand their obligations and meet the duty in practice. It must also have due regard to whether the award criteria should include considerations to enable it to better perform the equality duty.

The papers for the Equality and Diversity Corporate Advisory Forum meetings can be accessed at the EDCAF Minutes and Agendas page.

Equality and diversity is relevant to all the Moray Council’s services. The membership of the Equality and Diversity Corporate Advisory Forum reflects this and represents the following departments/services:

Elected members
Chief Executive’s office
Legal and democratic services
Human resources
Environmental services
Direct services
Community care

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