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1. Please give me the hours actually worked  by road repair workers?
2. Could you give me the cost per square metre for resurfacing and works like filling holes. This must include all costs ,pensions ,wages ,sick pay, national insurance ,public liability,holiday pay, machinery capital costs ,depreciation of equipment ,hire of equipment holidays ,office staff ,materials ,hire of outside contractors where council is in charge .
3. Would it not be better to dismiss all staff and sell of machinery etc and put work out to tender?
4. Do you intend  to improve services and cut out the massive waste of taxpayers money ? Examples of 'Massive waste of Taxpayers Money' - For example works between Knockando and Archiestown, Works between Rothes and Elgin

I expect as a taxpayer to be informed honestly ,no passing the buck ,like reading reports etc Actual figures only

Response 20-12-2017

  1. The standard working week for a Roadworker is 37 hours, which consists of 07:45hrs to 16:00hrs Monday to Thursday, and 07:45hrs to 13:45hrs on a  Friday.  Most Roadworkers also work additional hours over the above due to their participation in winter maintenance operations, emergency rota’s, surface dressing works etc.
  2. The cost per square metre for works such as Resurfacing will vary considerably from site to site depending on various factors including the type of work (e.g. surface treatment, recycling, resurfacing, reconstruction), whether the new surface is an inlay or overlay,  the site’s location (i.e. proximity to Depot’s, quarries etc), the size of the job, the amount of additional work that is included (e.g. drainage, kerbing etc).  These types of works are allocated budgets ranging from £12/sqm for Recycling to £100/sqm for Reconstruction or Edge Strengthening.  The cost per square metre for patching also varies considerably, depending on the nature of the defect and the process required to carry out the repair.  The most common processes are ‘Emulsion & Chip’ which start at £14/sqm, and conventional hot patching (100mm deep) which starts at £37/sqm.
  3. This question refers to the responders personal opinion and as this is not covered under the scope of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 this is exempt under Section17 of the Act as Information not held.
  4. Council continually reviews services to improve efficiencies e.g. a recent management review of the roads service will result in savings of £100k for 2018/19.

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