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I would like to know:

1.       How many teachers under your council have taken long-term sick leave in 2017?
-          Can you tell me how long each teacher took off, please? If this information is too dense, can you categorise the number of teachers who took long-term sick leave by the specific time period taken off, i.e. 5 teachers were off for between 4 - 6 weeks; 8 teachers were off for between 6 - 8weeks etc. and so forth.
-          Can you tell me the reason given for taking long-term sick leave in each case please? Again, if this is too dense, can you simply categorise the numbers by reason for long-term sick leave i.e. 6 teachers took long-term sick leave because of depression etc. And so forth.

2.       Can you please tell me the total number of teachers who took long-term sick leave for EACH of the five years prior to this please, from 2012 to 2016?
-          Can I have these numbers given for each individual year, not clumped together, please?

Response 20-12-2017

Taken from Workforce Profiling Annual reports - covering 1 Nov -  31 Oct
Long term sick leave classed as over 4 weeks    
Q1a 63 Teachers on Long term sick in 2017 (1 Nov 16 - 31 Oct 17)
Q1b Range of time off      
  4-6 weeks 22    
  6 -8 weeks 5    
  8-12 weeks 11    
  12-16 weeks 9    
  16 - 20 weeks 3    
  20 - 24 weeks 3    
  24 - 26 weeks 3    
  26 weeks + 7    
Q1c Reasons      
  Abdominal Pain      
  Back Pain/Injury      
  Blood Pressure High/Low      
  Broken Bones      
  Depression/Stress/Anxiety 17    
  Heart Attack/Heart Problems      
  Joint Pain/Injury      
  Minor Ailments      
  Operation/Post Operation 15    
  Road Traffic Accident      
  Stomach Upset/Sick/Diarrhoea      

The information provided above is all of the reasons staff members gave for taking sick leave, however, combined with the other information provided individuals may be identifiable, so for reasons with numbers less than 10 we have exempted the information under Section 38(1)(b) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002- Personal Information. 

Q2 Total number of Teachers on Long Term sick for each year below
  2012 80        
  2013 66        
  2014 72        
  2015 76        
  2016 67        

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