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Request 101001672037

My inquiry concerns CCTV cars that have to keep their engines running so their camera equipment can work.

I am approaching a number of councils to get a scope of the issue. So if you do not use CCTV cars in your area, please ignore this request.

There is a lot of concern from people across the country, particularly in urban areas, about the adverse effects idling vehicles have on people’s health.

As such, can you please confirm if your CCTV cars have to keep their engines on to run their cameras.

For example, if a council officer was on patrol in a CCTV car, but had parked the car. If the officer then turned the engine off, would the cameras stop working?

How often are your CCTV cars parked when they are in the process of monitoring other drivers? Does most of the CCTV recording happen when the cars are parked or when they’re on the move?

Can you also confirm what you use the CCTV cars for.

Is it just for parking infractions? Or do you use them to patrol parents dropping off their kids at the school gates? Can you please provide a full list of how CCTV cars are being used to monitor your area.

Are there any other reasons why CCTV cars must have their engines running? For example, is it for the health and safety of the officers inside?

Response 30-11-2017 

Nil, The Moray Council do not have CCTV cars.

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