FOI Request Disabled Person Parking Bay

Request 101001669393

(a) The average length of time taken between an application being made by a Private Individual for a Disabled Person Parking Bay, and a "Temporary (unenforceable) Bay" being provided.
(b) The average length of time between the provision of a Temporary Bay and it's conversion to Enforceable Status by the granting of a TRO (Traffic Regulation Order).

Response 28-11-2017


a) It is not possible to make a calculation of how long it takes to install an advisory disabled parking bay following receipt of an application form, for the following reasons:

1) Due to weather conditions lining works can only take place from April to late October, and this is always dependent on funding being made available from each financial year to the next.

2) Applications are received throughout the year and we aim to complete all applications received from October to October during that lining period. Any applications received between October and April will not be actioned until the new lining season commences.

3) In order to reduce costs of providing the disabled parking bays for free to residents, works orders are place with the contractor throughout the lining period, but the client is unable, on cost grounds, the specify when each site is completed, regardless of when the application was originally received.


b)In order to reduce costs of introducing a TRO, all sites completed during any one lining period are gathered together in one large TRO and then made legally enforceable. This process usually commences during the late Autumn and is usually completed by Christmas, although this does depend on current workloads and staff resources.

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