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The questions concern the Windows 7 operating system and its ‘end of life’.
Q1) How many of your PCs run on the following? (Please type numbers)
•Windows 10 =
•Windows 7 =
•Windows XP =
•Other (Please state) =
Q2) Are you aware of Window 7’s end of life date? (Delete as appropriate)
Q3) Do you have an active project to deal with Window 7’s end of life? (Delete as appropriate)
•Don’t know
Q4) If so, is it due to complete before EOL date? (Delete as appropriate)
•Don’t know
Q5) What is your biggest challenge when it comes to migrating to a new operating system? (Delete as appropriate)
•Skills shortage
•Inability to move apps
Q6) If you have previously migrated apps to newer versions of Windows, how long did this take? (Delete as appropriate)
•Under 1 year
•1-2 years
•2-3 years
•3-4 years
•Other (Please state) =
Q7) How many computers do you have in your environment? (Type number or delete as appropriate)
•Please state =
•Don’t know

Response 15-12-2017


Windows 10


Windows 7


Windows XP


Other (Windows 8.1)



Q2     Yes

Q3      No, but we have started to migrate some devices to Windows 10 and a formal project will be initiated in 2018/19.  Intention is to complete the migration pre EOL.

Q4      See above.

Q5       Not applicable.

Q6       1 – 2 years

Q7       8049

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