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Request 101001667164

I am writing to request the following information, relating to accepted planning applications in the area covered by Moray Council, where developments are to be/have been carried out during 2015-2020.

How many planning applications have been accepted for improvements to:
1.Transport links e.g. new rail links, new road links
2.New commercial units (e.g. bars, clubs, cinemas, live venues)
3.Communication developments (e.g. fibre optic lines, wifi access)
4.Erection of large scale dwelling estates

Can each of the above factors be broken down by:
1.Type of development
2.Date of requested development start
3.Location of development within the area covered by Moray Council
4.Agent/sponsor - who has submitted the planning
5.Related cost of development

If the information does not appear in the format requested, please provide matching accepted applications to the closest criteria/format/date available

Response 20-12-2017

Please find attached Response for 2. Commercial Units- HERE and 4. Large Scale Dwelling Estates - HERE

Planning confirm that we have had no applications Transport links and Communications since 2015.

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