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Can you please tell me:

1.            How many “IMSI catchers” – or “Stingray” devices – does the council currently own, or have access to? These devices are virtual base stations for identifying the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) of nearby GSM mobile phones.
2.            How many IMSI catchers are (a) currently in use, (b) when and where, and (c) how many times have they been deployed since 1 May 2016?
3.            Detail what data IMSI catchers have collected/recorded, since 1 May 2016, when it blocks/intercepts a mobile phone signal.
4.            Please supply any recorded documentation that relates to council tests conducted since 1 May 2016 relating to the range of IMSI catchers;
5.            How many mobile phones have been intercepted/blocked since 1 May 2016 by council IMSI catchers?
6.            Supply me with the council’s current data retention policy applied to the information collected by IMSI catchers.
7.           Supply me with any privacy impact assessments undertaken by the council regarding IMSI catchers.
8.            How much has the council spent since 1 May 2016 on (a) the purchase and (b) maintenance of these devices?
9.            Regarding new devices purchased since 1 May 2016, please list the make/model.
10.          For each instance where they have been used, please provide any documentation (emails, reports, memos) dated after a May 2016 which explains why they were deemed necessary.
11.          Please supply any internal policy, strategy or procedure documents that the council would apply to the deployment of these devices, even if none are currently available for use.
12.          Please supply any documentation, dated after 1 May 2016, regarding evaluations of IMSI catchers including, but not limited to, project and pilot reports.

Response 22-11-2017

Nil -  ICT have not purchased nor have access to any IMSI catchers

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