FOI Request EV Charging Points (2)

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1. What is the total number of EV charging points that are currently functioning in Moray Council?

2. How many EV chargers are installed but not currently operational?

3. How many EV charging points are rapid chargers? (by rapid charger, a charger that would typically charge an EV to 80 per cent in half an hour)

4. How many EV charging points are fast chargers? (by fast charger, a charger that would typically charge an EV in 3-4 hours)

5. How many EV charging points are slow chargers? (up to 3kW, a charger that would charge an EV in 6-12 hours)

6. Does the council charge for the use of these chargers, and if so how much?

7. Who is responsible for the repair and upkeep of the chargers and where is that company/employees based?

8. How many times have your chargers been used per year, over the last three years?

9. How many charging units has Moray Council installed in the past five years?

10. How many charging units is Moray Council planning to install in the next five years?

Response 23-11-2017

1. 7

2. 7

3. 3

4. 4

5. 0

6. £3.80

7. Maintenance Contract is in place with Equipment Suppliers APT Controls and Siemens. Their registered offices are (APT - Hemel Hempstead) (Siemens - Poole) but Moray Council do not hold data about where the maintenance operations are based as all requests for maintenance are dealt with by the Back Office Team at ChargePlace Scotland.

8. The information you requested is available here.

9. 7

10. All Chargers are grant funded by Transport Scotland and we will be installing  1 x Rapid and 1 x Fast Charge in Elgin in Spring 2018. We currently have no indication of funding for the next 5 years

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