FOI Requst LFR03 (2)

Request 101001653439

Please  send me a copy of your completed LFR03 for Moray Council  for 2016-17.  This is part of the Local Financial Returns requested annually by the Scottish Government. We did not need any of the other LFR sheets.   
The returns for the 2016-17 were requested by the Scottish Government in mid-August 2017 and a final date for return has been set for 24th October 2017.   
I have previously requested these documents and In your response you said that the forms would be were not available as they had not been completed at the date of request.      It is now 2 weeks since they were due for completion.   I wonder if you are now in a place to respond more positively to this new request.    

Response 16-11-2017

The information you requested is available here.

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