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1. Are you using any software to manage your incoming communication channels (pHone, email, live chat etc) from constituents (e.g. Zendesk,, Intercom, RightNow, Service CLoud, Freshdesk etc.)?
2. If so, what is the software called?
3. When does the contract with this current software provider end?
4. How much does your current software cost annually?
5. What is your annual budget for this type of software?
6. When will you be looking to review your current software?

Response 30-11-2017 

  1. Yes
  2. Lagan
  3. The annual maintenance and support contract expires on 31st March 2018
  4. The contract value is £25,000 which covers a variety of products
  5. £25,000
  6. The annual support and maintenance contract is scheduled for review in February 2018

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