FOI Request Community Pay Back Orders

Request 101001647405

Please detail how many hours of community payback/unpaid have been monitored/facilitated by your local authority in each of the least three years.

Please detail how many staff members you have employed to monitor/facilitate community payback/unpaid work.

Please detail on how many occasions in each of the last three years those due to carry out community payback/unpaid work have been unable to do so because of a lack of monitoring/facilitation staff.

Response 14-11-2017

  • A – 14/15 – 10,405; 15/16 – 13,354; 16/17 – 17,610
  • A – We have 2 FT Task Supervisors; 1 FT Senior Task Supervisor; 2  part time (0.5) Task Supervisors; 1 part time sessional worker (Saturdays only)
  • A – This information is exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Information Not Held.

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