FOI Request Landlord Registration Information

Request 101001644605

I would be grateful for the following information.
1) How many landlords have renewed their registration with you in the past 12 months (or in some convenient timeframe such as the current financial year)?
2) How many of these landlords have paid the late application fee in connection with the renewal?
3) What proportion of your income from landlord registration comes by way of late registration fees?
4) Do you notify landlords of the upcoming expiry of their registration by post?
4a) If not, did you do so at some point in the past?
4b) If you previously notified by post and have ceased, what proportion of landlords were renewing their registration late at this point?

Response 13-11-2017

From 01/04/2017 to 30/09/2017

I would be grateful for the following information.

1) 349

2)  24

3)  14%

4)  Only if they do not have an email address

4a) Yes

4b) This information is not recorded therefore this is exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland0 Act 2002- Information Not Held. 

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