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I would be grateful if you could provide answers to the following questions in relation to services delivered within your housing portfolio:
1.              Do you sub-contract these services?
2.              Are these procured as stand-alone services or as part of a wider service package?
3.              Who is your incumbent provider?
4.              What is the approximate annual value of the contract?
5.              When is the current contract due to expire?
6.              What procurement channel will you use to when next tendering for these services?
Please can you provide this information in relation to the following services?
1.              Void Security
2.              Void Cleaning
3.              Void Clearance
4.              Bulk Waste Removal and Management
5.              Glazing services
6.              Lock services
7.              Grounds Maintenance
8.              Pest Control
9.              Guardian Services.

Response 07-11-2017

1. a. Our ‘in house’ Building Services(DLO) carries out the majority of our housing investment programme that covers  response repairs, planned and cyclic maintenance.  They sub contract out a  number of core and specialist trades to support service delivery. These trades include Joiner, Mason, Plumber, Gas Servicing, Glazing , Blacksmith Railsm Scaffolding andVoid Cleaning. Other works not carried out by the DLO are tendered out by our Property Services Department. This includes roof and fabric repairs and part of the heating replacement programme.

b. Partly sub-contracted on new-build properties only, other areas serviced by our Land & Parks Section –Grounds Maintenance


2.    a. All sub-contractors used, with the exception of specialist trades are part of a construction framework contract for Building Services repairs and maintenance. Property Servcies also individually tender out non DLO projects or use existing local government frameworks to procure these works.

b. Stand-alone contract –Grounds Maintenance


3.a. Building Services DLO deliver the bulk of our  housing investment programme (80%) through a Maintenance Partnership Agreement with the housing client.

b. Screen Autumn –Grounds Maintenance as part of the land purchase agreement

4. a. Annual value is £7.5 - £8 Million (DLO). External contractors (£3m).

b. £16,775 –Grounds Maintenance

5. a. The current contract expires in  March 2020.

b. No specific expiry date/contract arrangement – prices sought on an annual basis –Grounds Maintenance

6.a. A review will be carried out to ascertain if the current service provision ‘in house’ is competitive and demonstrates best value. This will determine the procurement route taken.  There has been no desire in the past to outsource the majority of these services, however,, the activities carried out externally will continue to tendered out as and when required.  

b. Likely to be included in a future framework contract to be issued during 2018 –Grounds Maintenance


Please can you provide this information in relation to the following services?


1   No

2   Yes – also use ‘in house’ Council Cleaners for 50% of this work.

3. Only on occasion if properties require professional cleaners/removers (e.g. blood spills etc.)





8. No

9. No

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