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I would be grateful if you could comply with the following request:

1.       A list of the pieces of art your respective local authority is in possession of. When they came into possession and if applicable who donated them.
2.       The individual and collective value of the pieces of art that your respective local authority is in possession of.
3.       The amount spent on insuring and preserving pieces of art that your respective local authority is in possession of.
4.       The number of pieces of art that you are in possession of that are not put on display to the general public.

Response 02/11/2017

1. Please find attached a list of accessioned Council owned paintings, this includes donors and date of acquisition where known. There are 1324 items in the artwork collection.

2.For security reasons we do not list the values of any objects or artworks in the collection.

3.The whole Museums collection, including artwork is insured by the Moray Council provider Zurich. The only painting that had had remedial conservation done in recent years was the portrait of Alexander Falconer (Acc no 1978-308), as part of the Falconer Museum redevelopment in 2007. This was carried out by Egan, Matthews and Rose and cost £1480.50. £690 was grant funded by The then, Scottish Museums Council (now Museums Galleries Scotland).

4.The Museum only has a small gallery space, where roughly 20 Anson paintings are displayed on a rolling basis. There are some oil paintings in Elgin HQ and some on display in The Tolbooth, Forres. Thus the majority are in storage. All our oil paintings are available to be viewed at as part of the Public Catalogue Foundation initiative.

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