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I would appreciate if you could provide the following:

1. Location of waste sites (landfill, recycling, etc) and whether they process hazardous waste in the Council in 1991. If 1991 is not available, data from 1990 or 1992 could also meet the purpose. I hope to connect the waste sites information with the neighborhood boundary maps (in ArcGIS format) I have, so the waste sites will need to have accurate location information: it can be detailed road address (so I can pin down the location in Google Map), or British National Grid, or Easting & Northing coordinates. Information on the capacity of those waste sites are preferred but not essential.
2. Catchment boundaries of secondary schools in the Council in 2001 and 2011. My goal is to construct a neighborhood (defined as a datazone in Census) level measure of secondary school performance, and I currently have performance measures by secondary school. Therefore, the ideal data for the catchment boundaries will be an ArcGIS shapefile delineating the catchment zones of each secondary school in the Council with the corresponding names of the schools. If such data are unavailable, catchment maps by school that can be imported into ArcGIS can also meet my purpose.

Response 02/11/2017

Question 1

Before 1994 landfills were not licensed and Moray Council did not come into being until 1996. Hence, the Moray Council holds no formal records of landfills from 1991. Information is based on, published mapping, aerial photographs, anecdotal reports and other documentary research collected as part of the Council’s statutory duty under Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Contaminated Land). The information on historical local authority landfills is likely to be incomplete and little information is available on private landfills.

Asbestos cement sheeting accepted at two landfill sites in 1991, Woodside (Elgin) and Greenbrae (Cummingston).

Landfills Int-Ref Grid Ref
Woodside (Elgin) SC2281 323132, 863230
Greenbrae (Cummingston) SC220 313781, 869261
Newtyle (Rafford) SC3204 305283, 855072
Waste transfer stations.    
Gollachy (Buckie) - former landfill SC2665 340985, 864298
Moycroft SC2128 322771, 863121
Waterford - former landfill SC2298 302698, 859802

Question 2

School catchment areas, current and historic, can be accessed via the url below. The datasets can be downloaded as an ESRI Shapefile or accessed via an OGC WMS/WFS service.

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