FOI Request Wards Road Land Sale

Request 101001631393

Moray Council has disposed of a triangular piece of ground lying south of Wards Road and flanked to the East by a carwash and south by the inverness/aberdeen railway line. It is believed it was purchased by Network Rail and is now the subject of a Planning Application 17/01234/APP. The information required is: -
1. Why was the site not offered for sale on the open market?
2. When were missives exchanged?
3. Were any conditions attached to the sale?
4. What purchase price was received?

Response 12-10-2017

This information is exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002- Information Not Held. We do not  and never have owned the land described in the above request. The Council were described as the owners in the Planning Application, but this was incorrect.This is being addressed by the Planning department with the applicants directly

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